Our public schools are not “God-Free Zones”.  America’s children need not leave their faith at the school house door.

For students to be silenced or disciplined by an authority figure, for appropriate religious expression should never happen.  Sadly, young students may well conclude, that there is something wrong or shameful about their beliefs, or their family’s religious practices and traditions. Older students may suspect, that persisting in religious expression, will displease the teachers and administrators, who control their grades, and influence their college applications.

The truth is, in school, students can express their religious beliefs in homework, artwork, or other written or oral assignments; students can start a Christian after-school club; students can pray or distribute religious literature during non-instructional time, such as lunch, recess, or other designated free time; and students can be exempt from activities and class content, that contradict their religious beliefs.

Learn and share the details of our students’ freedom to live their faith throughout their life, including their days in public school.

Free to Speak Documents

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