12 Mar

Religious Liberty Eroding in Canada – A Cautionary Tale for Americans

Canada’s Catholic bishops say the government’s new Canada Summer Jobs grant policy “conflicts directly with the right to freedom of religion and conscience which is enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms …”  This new policy requires that employers sign a form supporting abortion and transgender “rights” in order to receive student summer job grants, thus restricting the voices of faith communities in Canada and limiting their participation in the public square. 
“It seriously undermines the right to religious freedom since the Government of Canada is directly limiting the right of religious traditions to hold, teach and practice their principles and values in public,” the bishops wrote.  
Non-profit groups, small businesses, and private sector employers can apply for funding for wage subsidies for students ages 15-30.  However, some in government did not want pro-life groups receiving any Canada Summer Jobs grants, so this year they added the new requirement that pro-life individuals and businesses cannot, in good conscience, sign.  
Some unfortunate consequences of this new policy will be: summer camps will be forced to close; the services of numerous non-profit organizations will be reduced; apprenticeship opportunities will be lost.  “These effects, to name but a few, will be felt in Catholic dioceses and organizations as well as in many other faith communities across Canada.”
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“Christians must beware of a polite persecution that is cloaked in a disguise of culture, modernity, and progress.”  Pope Francis