04 Dec

The 12 Myths of Christmas (Part 1)

Myth:  Public school students aren’t allowed to sing or play Christmas carols.
Fact: Students can sing and perform religious carols along with secular ones.  The purpose is to teach about our society’s cultural and religious heritage and allow students to perform a full range of music, poetry and drama.
Myth:  Teachers and students are banned from saying “Merry Christmas.”
Fact:  The Supreme  Court stated that teachers and students do not shed their right of free speech at the schoolhouse gate.  Saying a simple greeting does not violate the First Amendment Establishment Clause.
Myth:  Public schools cannot display religious Christmas symbols.
Fact:  A public school is free to display a Nativity scene among other forms of religious and secular seasonal expression with the purpose of depicting the origins of the holiday.
Myth:  Students cannot hand out invitations to a Christmas party held at their church.
Fact:  When students are allowed to pass out invitations to birthday parties and other events, the courts have ruled that First Amendment free speech rights are guaranteed to even young students.
News Alert:
The Little Sisters of the Poor are returning to court to defend themselves against lawsuits from Pennsylvania and California that seek to take away the nuns’  recently received conscience exemption from the Health and Human Services (HHS) rule.  In October, HHS had rolled back the Affordable Care Act’s federal mandate that employers must provide abortion-inducing drugs and contraception in their health insurance plans.